Florida’s Best-Kept Secret


I recently traveled to the Florida Keys from my home in New York City. It was my first time in the Keys, so hoping to absorb as much of the island chain as possible we stayed at several hotels throughout the vacation. Some of these resorts were more expensive and hyped up than others, but without question our favorite destination was that of the Sea Cove Motel and Marina in Marathon Key.


The Sea Cove is really much more than a hotel- it’s an experience. Situated off the main road, the property earned its name for a reason. Spanning a private cove and surrounded by turquoise waters, sailboats and houseboats line the long pier that reaches out into the marina. The entire property is beautifully manicured and well maintained. In every direction there is something dazzling to look at, it’s difficult not to feel as though you’ve found paradise.


The customer service at the Sea Cove was outstanding throughout our stay, commencing the moment we arrived. Our flight landed late at night in Fort Lauderdale, so by the time we made it to Marathon it was after 2 AM. Much to my surprise, the staff had my own houseboat ready and waiting, granting me access and service, even at the late hour.


The resort offers various options including rooms on land, individual houseboats and slips for sailboats. We stayed in one of the houseboats, making the experience all the more inimitable. The houseboat was like a hotel room in many ways, very comfortable, clean and complete with cable TV, and a refrigerator. Unlike a hotel room, the houseboat was completely secluded and private, as though the vessel was our own. The slight motion of the water gently rocked us to sleep at night, and we agreed unanimously that our nights on the houseboat left us feeling more rested than we had felt in years.


The tranquility is not limited to the rooms. In fact, the entire property is quiet and relaxing. Truth be told, any slight commotion was the result of the wildlife ubiquitous of the Florida Keys and thriving at the Sea Cove. In the mornings I would walk out of my private houseboat to be greeted by the resident pelicans and cranes strolling the dock. Additionally, I witnessed some of the most spectacular ocean life, creatures of vibrant colors not found in the material world, swimming right alongside the pier and boats. During my stay, some of the other guests even met a manatee swimming in the marina!


This is the type of place you read about, a resort offering floating rooms along a tropical cove. The glaring difference in my opinion is that the luxury resorts featured in travel magazines are more often than not unattainable for the majority of travelers due to distant locations and high prices. The Sea Cove, on the other hand, offers up an array of accommodation options in a similarly exotic and exclusive atmosphere- but all at an affordable price, and easily accessible from mainland USA. We fell in love with the Florida Keys, and we plan to return for more good times in the near future. Undoubtedly, upon our return we plan to indulge our hedonistic urges by booking our accommodations exclusively at the Sea Cove Resort and Marina.